What Are The Sources of Roof Leakage?

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Dealing with roof leaks is not an easy task. If you leave the leakage on the roof for too long, you would have to run around with the bucket to catch the drenched water. Not only this, you even have to deal with bigger problems in the future, which can be an expensive matter. That is why you should understand the cause of the leakages on your roof by getting a roof inspection done. Replacing the roofs is a costly affair. Hence, you should go for annual roof inspections that will help to identify the problems and the reasons behind them.

What are the sources of the roof leakages?

Here we have mentioned some of the common causes of roof leaks. If you understand them, you can take care of your roof easily.

Shingles – The missing or damaged shingles are one of the common sources of roof leaks. The old shingles develop a crack, lose the surface granules, and are no longer able to act as an efficient barrier against the water flow. The water may also penetrate the surface of your roof through the nail holes. The shingle holes are difficult to trace unless you have an expert professional to check your roof.

Flashing – Shingles are not the only ones to provide watertight seals at the places where the roof is broken. At places like skylights and chimneys, water can penetrate even below the shingles. Such places are protected by the roofing component known as flashing. There are various types of flashing, which include, chimney flashing, valley flashing, and kick-out flashing.

Vents – Another prevalent penetrating feature of the roof is the plumbing vents. They are seals using the element called as vent boot. Vent boots are a type of flashing and it contains rubber gasket. The rubber gasket is installed below the metal vent boot to ensure a watertight seal. With passing time, the rubber degrades and cracks which causes the problem of leaks.

Ice Dams – Places where the weather is below freezing and experiences heavy snowfall, the roof leaks can happen because of the ice dams. The ice dams melt and run down the roof and it refreezes at the edge of the roof. This water and ice lead to leaks, roof rots, and other serious issues. Roof contractors like Bloomfield Michigan roofing can prevent the ice dams from influencing your roof.

Roof leaks can hurt your home and wallet. Hence, you should be proactive about getting the roof checked by professionals. Regular inspection and maintenance can increase the life of your roof up to 50% more.

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