Unravelling the Doubts of First Time Users of CBD Regarding Its Effectiveness


CBD has become a buzz word in the recent years. Though the CBD component is found in cannabis plant, it isn’t addictive and gives the user a high feeling like THC. CBDs apart from being incorporated in medicinal products like pain relief creams and tinctures is also infused in many other items including oils, chocolates, coffee and balms.

JustCBD is an online store that caters to a wide range of users. From candies to protein bars to soaps their products have a therapeutic effective on its users. Their products are crafted using natural ingredients and prove to be effective.

Many confuse CBD oil with hemp oil. Though many hemp oil manufacturing companies add CBD to it, both are different. Hempseed oil unlike CBD oil doesn’t taste good and many complain about its taste. It is one of the reasons why many CBD distributors add CBD to carrier oils to enhance the taste.

Basics of CBD:

CBD nourishes the body’s endocannabinoid system which regulates cognitive and physical functions. It provides relief from pains, inflammation, stress and anxiety. It aids in treating sleep disorders. When CBD is ingested in our body, it reacts with our body’s cannabinoid receptors and works towards adapting to our body’s needs.

Effectiveness in treating medical conditions:

The effects of CBD vary for each person. For some it is effective in treating skin aliments like dryness and acne while for some it works well in regulating sleep. It depends on for which ailment you are taking the product.

There are CBD products that can be directly applied to the skin while there are some which are edible. The products are tested in laboratory to see if they meet label claims and are of top quality. It is completely safe and effective when its CBD and THC levels are in recommended dosage.

Treating medical conditions:

  • CBD and sleep disorders: Those affected by sleeping issues don’t have many options for treating it without prescription. Some of the options can cause addictiveness too. CBD doesn’t require a prescription and can be acquired legally. It doesn’t cause the user to be dependent and helps them sleep better.
  • CBD and anxiety: With mild anxiety many wouldn’t feel the need to take prescribed antidepressants. CBD users don’t have to worry about anxiety attacks cropping up all of a sudden when they have CBD oils handy which provides relief in 2 minutes.
  • CBD and pain: Experiencing minor aches is quite common which can be countered by taking over the counter pain relief. Prolonged usage of those medicines is harmful to health. CBD is a better alternative for treating joint pains, bruises and sore muscles.

Wondering about the dosage?

Start by taking low doses. It takes a while to feel the maximum benefits. Wait and see how your body reacts before increasing dosage. When trying CBD oils for the first time, try CBD coconut oil as it has a neutral taste.

Check the quality of the product by asking the distributor to present their lab results. Focus on the quality rather than the price.

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