The processes and objectives of Video Production


Videos are nothing but moving images. We record videos mostly by mobile cameras and DSLR cameras. Now, there are various steps of Video Production as it is not that easy as it seems to us.

There are 3 steps through which a video is created completely: pre-production (step one), production (step two), and post-production (step 3).

Step – 1: Pre-production

The pre-production process deals with setting up the locality, content, scripts, objective or aim of the targeted audience, story type, music type, production schedule and meeting, budget, characters and all that is needed for the successful completion of the video.

In this phase, the video production (Jasa Video Company Profile, which is the term in Indonesian) and the whole shooting team engage in a meeting to set up the timeline and to finalize the roles of each character. They also decide the goal of the video and the type of audience they want to reach through their content. Also, the scripts are thoroughly revised so that it may be short, precise, sound sweet and convey the aim.

Step – 2: Production

This phase consists of capturing all the necessary elements, moments, pictures and footages that will be compiled in the video production finally. All the ideas, concepts and aims are concretized in this phase. It also includes sound, light and video set-up, voiceovers and extra footage recording. All the characters play their role according to the scripts. Thus, the raw materials are made for the final editing of the video.

Step – 3: Post-production

After the completion of the former two steps, this third and last step needs to be completed by a professional video editor. It is their responsibility to bring all the necessary footage out and compile those to form the whole video. This compilation is made according to the scripts and facts one after another.

To portray the main objective of the content, the editors also use both visual and auditory graphics. Compilation of the soundtracks and music are also the fundamental things to be precise. Finally, the video is formatted and ready to be hosted both online and offline.


The purpose or objectives of video production is multifaceted. It can be used to convey a social message, to voice the unspoken words of the poor, to portray the fallacies of the system, and last but not the least, to express socio-political scenarios of contemporary as well as past times. Thus, video production has now become a modern weapon of expression.

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