The Great Opportunity In The Lol

The Great Opportunity In The Lol

Within league of legends boosting, there are a lot of people who want to improve within the game; they would like to be streamers, pro players, YouTubers, and even coaches.

The problem is that most people are young people who are not used to investing too much money to improve.

You have to change the chip and go from looking at subscriber figures and likes, and look for how to help people better.

To reach these people who in the future, could buy your course or your service you can:

  • Having apowerful personal brand (even if you have better), but it is not very easy, and you have to invest many hours
  • Build a YouTube channeland have many subscribers, but you must learn knowledge such as image editing, video, which will not make you better in what you want to be
  • Be streaming hoursand hours until you reach a large audience, but you need to be hours and hours and days and weeks and months streaming until people begin to know you and follow you
  • Investing in advertisingto get to know you, but to reach a large number of people, it would require an investment of thousands of dollars
  • Right now, in the world, there is a lack of awareness to help people; everyone moves for subscribers, likes, and money, who are not going anywhere and do not help anyone. What if we change the chip? What if people started to bring true value to people? What if we started to help each other?

Thanks to having the Challenger Army course, I can afford to contribute all my knowledge and value within the training (and of course outside, to help the rest as much as I can). Money allows me to be able to help more people, and that is why I would love for more people to be able to join precisely.

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