STI Dating Apps: Features To Look For

STI Dating Apps

STI dating apps have become more popular than ever before. These apps/websites are made for people with STI (sexually transmitted infection) and help them to browse, match and find people like them.

To many of you, this may sound weird, but it was much needed. People with STIs are often cornered or left out because of their disease. In many cases, they are even called names and judged. For this very reason, they stay reserved and keep their feelings to themselves. But on an STI dating app, they don’t need to hide or be ashamed. It’s an online community created for all people with STIs.

What is the best STI dating app?

If you search online, you will come across many STI dating apps/websites out there. But one of the most prominent names is Plus Side.

This is an online STI dating website made for the people of Australia. It’s more of a community for people with herpes and STIs. You can join the site for free, create an account and browse to meet new people. The site also allows you to join groups and create events.

Plus Side offers an ideal platform for people with STIs. It helps them to meet new like-minded people. To know more about this website, you should click here.

Features Of A STI Dating App

If you are about to join an STI dating app, you should know what kind of things they offer. Some features are common to most STI sites. We have covered them in the pointers below.

  • Create a profile

Just like any other dating site, an STI dating site also requires you to create a profile. Once you sign-up, the next step is to create a profile.

  • Create groups

Many of these dating sites also allow you to create groups where you can meet a bunch of other people just like you. It is a great way of socialising with people who have been through the same thing as you.

  • Match and chat with people

An STI dating site gives you the chance to find people with who you match. They also have the chatting option using which you can interact with the person. Well, that’s how new relationships are born.

  • Filters

Many of the sites also provide search filters which makes it easy for you to find someone like.

STI dating apps is the first step taken towards people with STIs. It is indeed a great initiative.

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