Roofing Materials that You Should Consider for Your Home

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Quite often homeowners forget to include roofing in their home remodeling projects. People tend to forget the roof as it remains out of their sight. However, this should not be the ideal approach.

The roof is one of the important elements of your house and once it starts to leak, you will have to suffer a lot. The whole appearance of your house will degrade and it will no longer stay attractive.

Choosing the right kind of material for your roof will elongate its lifespan and durability. You can call the Roofing contractors Farmington Hills Michigan to get a new roof fixed or for maintenance. A new and beautiful roof always would improve the value of your house.

Best roofing materials that you should go for

Here are some of the efficient roofing materials that you can select for your roof. They are durable and possess the aesthetic beauty that you always look out for.

  • Rolled roofing– The rolled roofing material is the base for low-slope house roofs. They can be used for out-building like sheds and shops as well. They are made of long rolls of asphalt-impregnated and mineral-impregnated material. On the top, there are mineral granules. The rolls are about 3 feet wide and 100 square feet of roofing.
  • Built-up roofs– They are popularly known as BUR. This is a vintage option and is best suited for flat roofs. You can even use them on roofs that are quite low in pitch. BUR systems are well constructed with multiple layers of roofing felt and asphalt is applied hot over it. They form an impenetrable and durable roof.
  • Metal roofing– One of the most commonly used metal roofs is the standing seam roof. The steel roof panels are used with raised seams so that they interlock and keep away the moisture from the roof. They are popular in areas where there are heavy snowfalls or has the danger of wildfires.
  • Shingles or shakes– If you do not prefer the look of the standing seam metals, you can go for shakes or shingles. They are made of stamped metals and have a high-quality coating of mineral granules over them. They are the best choice for homeowners who are particular about the appearance.

There are various types of roofing materials available in the market. You should do a small research before you invest in any roofing material. While choosing the right roofing materials consider the longevity, structural issues, and cost.

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