Maintenance methods of pearl and coral

Maintenance methods of pearl and coral

The main components of pearls are calcium carbonate, protein and water. We should pay attention when wearing, collecting and cleaning pearl jewelry:

1. Keep away from acidic substances. Many people wear pearl initial bar necklace silver jewelry close to the body, and then put it directly into the box for collection. After a period of time, it was found that the pearl luster was not as good as before. That is because the sweat secreted by human skin is also weakly acidic. So wipe it clean before putting it in the box.
2. Keep away from heat. The protein and water in the pearl are important components. The high temperature will evaporate the water, age the protein, and seriously damage the structure of the pearl monogram ring. The high temperature also dissolves or ages the glue embedded in the auxiliary pearl, causing the pearl to fall off.
3. Keep away from bleaching substances and atmosphere. The beautiful color of pearls is colored by organic pigments. They are easily bleached and faded when encounter to bleaching substances such as 84 disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide and many daily cleansers, especially gold pearls and black pearls.
4. Clean pearl jewelry is best to use pure water or boiled cold water and neutral detergent. Dry immediately or blow dry with cold air after cleaning. Do not soak the bead chain in water. The residual moisture and detergent in the bead hole will corrode the rope and damage the personalized name bracelets jewelry.
5. The pearl’s hardness is not high, it need to be stored separately.

Corals are also composed of calcium carbonate, a small amount of protein and water, but their structure is different from that of pearls. Corals are easier to maintain than pearls:

1. Acidic substances will destroy calcium carbonate. Although the sweat is weakly acidic, it is the biggest enemy of coral custom name bracelets. Sometimes the white “mildew” on the surface of the red coral that are neglected to be cared for are the result of corrosion.
2. Keep away from high temperature and bleaching substances. The color of coral infinity necklace has a significant impact on its value. High temperatures and bleach can destroy organic pigments and cause fading.
3. Use pure water or warm water to clean coral jewelry, household dishwashing is the most suitable neutral detergent. Coral name on necklace jewelry can not be soaked in water for a long time, dry with cold air immediately after cleaning.
4. After cleaning, the surface of the coral jewelry can be coated with a thin layer of transparent grease to isolate the air and harmful substances, but be careful to use only non-fragrance, non-pigmented oils such as mineral oil, edible oil, baby emollient oil.
5. In addition to the separate storage, it can not fall and collide when wearing.

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