Jeff Lopes: His Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey And Podcast

Jeff Lopes

For those who do not know Jeff Lopes is an entrepreneur from Toronto. He has established more than one corporation including Kimurawear and True Blue Homes. Recently, he has founded the platform called Jeff Knows Inc. platforms to listen to his podcast for business coaching.

Jeff is a highly active and busy person in his personal life. His life is surrounded by his family, business, and fitness. These are the three things that he holds dear to himself.

We recently had the opportunity to interview him and ask him about his entrepreneurial journey and podcast. The details are provided below.

– We asked him about his entrepreneurial journey and this is what he said:

Jeff started his entrepreneurial journey from a very young age. He was not even 17 when he started his first business and got it registered. He said that he has always been very passionate about doing business. He wanted to build as many companies as possible by early 2006. It was the same year when he founded the company Kimuwear which has now become a well-known brand in the martial arts and boxing equipment industry. In 2008, he was at the turning point of his life when he realised that he should work smarter and not harder. This is when he started planning for his next venture and that’s how True Blue Homes came into existence.

– We also asked him to give a message to people listening to his podcast:

Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast is a platform founded by Jeff himself. He says, that he is quite passionate about his new platform which allows him to share about his entrepreneurial journey with everyone. Through this platform, he can share his wrongs and rights with others, so that they can learn from him. He wants to inspire others through his podcast. He claims to run the podcast as a free-flowing conversation so that listeners don’t get bored. Jeff wants them to not only learn, but also get to know about their journeys to success.

– The challenges he faced:

The biggest challenge for him was not to fall in love with his business ideas. If that happens, then your goals start dwindling. He explained that when you are in love with the concept, you will look for excuses, as soon as it doesn’t work right.

Jeff Lopes is an inspiring entrepreneur who has made a successful career in his life. Now he is inspiring others to do the same.

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