How to Sell Mobile Phone for Cash the Right Way?

sell mobile phone for cash

The 21st century is a fast-paced world. Technology is evolving at an exponential rate and companies are coming up with new phones on a regular interval and people buy new phones to stay in touch with the latest technologies and hardware. People usually do not dispose of their old mobile devices. These handsets usually are left and forgotten. This is primarily because they do not know that they can trade phones for cash. It is rather easy to sell your old mobile phone and get cash in return.

Model Search

The first step is to search for the model that you own and want to sell. You can search up your phone and see the different prices of that model on different websites. If the exact model is not available, then, prices for similar models will appear for you to get an idea about the price for which you can sell your old phone.

Image Search

It can so happen that you do not remember the exact name and number of the model that you own. In that case, the easiest way is to search for the manufacturer of the model. Once you do that, any search will yield the list of all models produced by that manufacturer. If you find the model whose image matches your phone, you can then go to step one and follow that process.

Filling Details and Selling

Once you have found a number of websites that help you sell your phone, you can register on to any or all of those websites, and put your model up for sale. You will need to provide pictures of your phone and fill in its details and specifications. It is important that the pictures you put do not make the phone look old and ragged. The pictures play a huge role in finding buyers. The details that you put in need to be factually correct. If the details are not correct, the chances of your phone being sold are lesser.

Verification for Authenticity

Once you put your device up for sale, the websites will ask for the IMEI number of the phone, which is a 15 digit unique number. This number is used to verify that the device has not been registered as lost or stolen. This is necessary to make sure that the phone being put up for sale is authentic and not stolen.


Every website has its own terms and conditions which need to be followed while putting up a device for sale. These terms and conditions have to be followed by every person interacting on those websites. If someone does not follow these terms and conditions, they will not be allowed to transact on the websites. If you are using the website for the first time, you might also be asked to enter your personal details.


Apart from the mobile device, there are multiple accessories of a mobile phone which also need to be provided along with the phone. These include the box, warranty card, charger, SD cable, and others. These accessories need to be included while making the sale.

There are a lot of new mobile phones in the market right now, and people are buying those phones on a regular basis. In such a scenario, it is very important to dispose of your old phone. And the best way to do that is by selling off the old handsets for cash. In that way, mobile phones will get recycled and reused by others.

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