How to Make Someone Realize They Require Assistance?


Friends and family members may believe that despite repeatedly raising concerns about a loved one’s drug usage, nothing has changed. You might have been lecturing, threatening, ignoring behaviors, accepting assurances of change, offering second chances, or enforcing consequences for weeks or months before you arrived at this point. The persistent positive message of love, care and support is advised by experts to be developed and repeated. Describe how substance abuse affects you and those who care about the person. Expect denial, distortion, avoidance, reasoning, and intellectualization of the issue. One must avoid accusing, disputing, and reprimanding.

Things that they might enjoy

They might be able to have a productive conversation with a friend, a different family member, a doctor, a member of the church, their boss, a coworker, or another important person in their lives. Alternatively, it’s possible that the individual with the substance use problem would benefit from activities you may undertake together, such watching movies or pamphlets, consulting a specialist.

Don’ts and Dos

Talking addiction and asking the question can you overdose to an addict is not one of the jobs anyone would possibly like to do. While some addicts carefully listen to others as they approach them, some of them get angry. While taking to them about their conversation, it is necessary to maintain an approach that is loving and supportive. Please keep in mind the following details as you attempt to communicate with the person who needs assistance:

  • Talking while either of you is drunk is not advised.
  • Take precautions to avoid bodily harm to yourself and anyone around you.
  • Police is there to help in case of act of violence.
  • Do establish and abide by boundaries that will safeguard your house, money, and relationships.
  • If all else fails, you might think about staging a formal intervention.

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