Handy Shares the Scariest Posts on Internet Forums



Many people like to read scary stories, watch horror movies, or even listen to horror podcasts. They keep browsing the internet to discover new genres of horror fiction. According to Handy, nothing can be as creepy or scary than real accounts of frightening events posted by anonymous users on internet forums. The first-person narrative of these stories can paint a spine-tingling sensation when you read them. These forum posts are definitely not for the faint of heart.

The Posts

Here are some of the scariest posts on internet forums:

  1. Carried Away – The most frightening post is listed on Reddit. It’s an answer by an anonymous user to the question, ‘What was your creepy unexplained experience as a child?’. We learn from the post that the user found herself downstairs one night when she was supposed to be asleep upstairs in her room as usual. The father was at work while the mother was sound asleep. And, it was impossible for the child to cross the safety gate on top of the stairs.

The only clue to this unexplainable mystery is the recollection of a dream the girl had that night where she remembers being carried downstairs by a tall man.

  1. The Mirror – The post is listed on the Tapa forums under a thread where people share their real-life scary experiences. In this post, the user explains that his wife bought an old art-deco makeup vanity table with a large, oval mirror attached to it. To match it to the rest of the furniture in the room, he started painting the table black.

Later, he asked his wife who was in the other room, ‘Where are we going to put this thing?’. Before his wife could answer, he pulled out a drawer to paint its underside. To his surprise, he found the following worlds scrawled on the wood in black ink – ‘Put me in the middle Jack’. The name of the husband was Jack.

  1. The Creepy Gamer – Many people consider RPG gamers creepy although they are like normal people and just want to have some fun. However, once in a while, you may come across a gamer who can truly creep you out. A poster on the RPG.net forums detailed the unsettling relationship of her ex-husband with a popular RPG.

Her husband was consumed by that RPG over the course of 7 years. He started playing the game as an enthusiastic gamer but soon it became the number one priority of his life. During a family Christmas dinner, he informed everybody how proud he was to create a wizard character whose magic ability was to inflict damage on children. Over the years, he abandoned every other aspect of his life other than the RPG and his dark alter-ego ruined the marriage of the couple.


Scary stories are fun to read until you realize not everything belongs to the world of fiction. Matthew Davies believes that you should practice caution while reading such terrifying stories as a wrong turn could lead to a lot of sleepless nights.

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