Getting a spouse visa – Why it is so stressful?

A1 English test for spouse visa

Getting a spouse visa can be a lot more stressful, that you think. Right from filling the application form, attaching all the required support documents, having passed at least A1 English test for spouse visaattending an interview with officials, handling the rejection, and appealing for it. A lot of procedures should be handled with a lot of care. Here in this blog, we are majorly going to discuss the important reasons, why applying for this spouse visa is more stressful.

Extremely high stakes: If your application is gone through then you can be relaxed. If in other cases it got rejected, then you have to wait for a long time to get the approval. You will eventually face a prolonged period of separation from your spouse. It might usually take 10 months to 1 year for your appeal or to submit a new application.

Missed documents: It is mandatory to submit all the documents which are requested as necessary. If you even fail to submit a single document that you have requested for, then it might result in the rejection of the application. Not in all cases, these Home offices will make it clear which documents they need to be submitted or provided for approval, this makes the person unclear about the required documents that cause an application rejection. This always creates a climate of fear for those applicants who are very cautious that if they missed on one document or any errors in any that may lead to application rejection.

Lack of clear information: You should be keen on submitting all the information clearly when you are applying for the visa. Even when you are called for the appointment, you should clearly state what is your purpose of the visit? Provide them with the exact information for the questions they are asking you. It is quite common for a person to feel more nervous before the meeting.

Poor Home Office decision-making: After the rejection, when you apply for an appeal, the decision was taken by home officials and these decisions are sometimes harsh and very poor. So it stresses the applicants. The home office can refuse the applications by not properly overlooking the evidence submitted.

Mistakes to be avoided in a Spouse visa application

Some of the general mistakes to be avoided in the spouse visa applications are

  • Refusals can happen because a person may not be financially good or afford for the travel or they might have missed some documents that verify their financial status
  • There will be often a dispute on whether the relationship is genuine or not
  • The most important one is to at least clear A1 English test for spouse visa if this condition is not meeting it leads to the application rejection.

Bottom Line:

If you are very cautious about preparing the applications and submitting all the required documents correctly, then you need not be worried about your application rejection, but these stress factors are common to all until your visa is processed.

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