6 Problems Homeowners Can Have with Their AC and How to Deal with It

6 Problems Homeowners Can Have with Their AC and How to Deal with It

AC, or air conditioning, is one of the essential appliances inside a home. You rely on AC to keep your home cool during the warm summer months. But what do you do if your AC is not working correctly? Several problems can occur in one’s home AC, ranging from a faulty thermostat to a lack of maintenance by homeowners.

Below are the most common problems that you may encounter with your AC and why it’s important to call a professional 24 hour AC repair service to deal with them.

1) Airflow Problems

Airflow issues are common, especially when it comes to older AC units. If there is a lack of airflow in your home, the air conditioner will try to pick up too much humidity, which will cause problems with mold and mildew.

To fix this, you need to turn off your unit immediately. Unscrew the cabinet and ensure that all the parts are correctly connected. If you notice a build-up of dust, clean your AC. It is best to let a professional handle this task, as you can damage your AC if you aren’t careful.

2) Broken/Frozen Sensors

If the sensors on your air conditioner are broken or frozen, your AC will be unable to adjust its airflow and temperature correctly. A broken sensor means that it is not measuring the proper temperature in the room and an issue with a frozen sensor means it cannot detect the humidity levels.

Fixing this problem is relatively simple, as you can replace/repair your sensors yourself by following the manuals that come with the product. If that doesn’t work, consider calling an expert technician to fix the problem.

3) Dirty Coils

Over time, dirt builds up on your unit’s evaporator coils which will restrict airflow and cause poor cooling in your home. In particular, if you have pets or your area is dusty, cleaning your coils is a must. Most ACs come with their coil-cleaning tools and manuals that will help you clean them properly.

4) Faulty Fan

The fan inside your unit is responsible for moving large volumes of air in and out of the house. If there is a problem with airflow caused by a faulty fan, the AC will work too hard, leading to other issues such as overheating. In such a situation, it is best to call a 24 hour AC repair expert to examine the problem and take necessary action.

5) Duct Issues

If you notice a dip in your AC’s cooling capacity, and have checked the filters, vents, and the AC unit, it may be time to schedule a duct inspection or cleaning.

To do this, contact a professional AC service company that can come over and check for any issues with the condition of the ducts.

6) Blocked Airflow

If there is a blockage in your unit’s cooling coils, it affects the temperature inside the room and the overall airflow. This means that your AC will eventually stop working. But there is no need to panic. Unblock the coils and ensure they are appropriately cleaned before turning on your AC again.

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