11 Tips When Naming Your Family Dog Or Cat

11 Tips When Naming Your Family Dog Or Cat

Giving the family dog or cat their name is a big decision for the entire family. Kids love giving suggestions for names, but sometimes not all names are a perfect fit for the furry family members. Before you know it, the name chosen won’t fit on the personalized cat or dog Christmas ornament and it is no longer as special. Instead of picking whatever random name you or the kids come across, remember the following naming tips:

#1: Traditional Names Are Worth Considering

Home with younger children should opt for naming their cat or dog traditional names so that the kids can easily say them. Classics such as “Buddy” or “Spot” or “Max” are easy to say and remember for both the dog and your kids.

#2: Choose Names Based On Physical Characteristics

Families who want their dog or cat’s name to be more personal should give them a name based on a unique physical characteristic. A very large dog can be named “Bear” and a lazy cat with bushy fur can be named “Fluffy”.

#3: Colors For Name

Name them according to their color, but make it more unique. A black dog can be called “Onyx” and a white one can be named “Pearl” and so on. Kids can also choose their favorite color as their cat or dog’s name, whichever works.

#4: Choose Your Favorite Food

Everything from Cookie, Pasta, or Bacon can be used to name your precious four-legged companions. Kale is also a good name to choose for animal lovers who prefer vegan-friendly options. Plus, these short names will fit on the dog Christmas ornament perfectly!

#5: Names Based On Personality

Sometimes Cats That Dont Shed have a really strong personality that their name should match. Gruff for a grumpy dog or Princess for a lazy cat that loves being pampered are perfect examples.

#6: Floral Names

Those who love flowers just as much as their furry family members can always opt for flower names. Lily, Rose, Tulip, Buttercup, Fern, and the list goes on and on!

#7: Paired Names

Families who are tasked with naming two pets can always choose paired names. Salt and Pepper are popular options, but for those who want something more unique, Ketchup and Fries is always a clever and funny paired name.

#8: Use Synonyms For Their Size

An easy naming option to simply use the Thesaurus and look up synonyms for big and small. Large dogs can be called Mammoth, Hulk, or Hercules while smaller dogs can be named Squirt, Ant, or the more obvious Tiny.

#9: The Your Kid’s Favorite Cartoon

Name the cat or dog Mickey, Elsa, Aurora, Mario, Jake the Dog, and so on. Your kids will have tons of ideas especially if they get to name them after a cartoon character.

#10: Other Animal Names

If you want to put a fun and ironic twist when choosing a name you can always opt for other animals. Horse, Rabbit, Chicken, Cow, and so on. This ironic choice is also an excellent ice breaker when friends and family come to visit.

#11: Vote On It

When choosing a name becomes too complicated simply ask the family to vote. The most popular name wins and your dog or cat is renamed.

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